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12 September 1979
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By the time you read this bio, it will already be out of date...

A fortune cookie once wisely told me:

"Confucius says: If you expect me to sum up your whole life on this little bit of paper, you must be kidding."

I collect hobbies, have many labels, and don't fit neatly into any particular box.

Mad Scientist. Ever since primary school, I wanted to be a mad scientist - whiling away my days Inventing Things, and knowing all sorts of interesting things. I almost wandered into an Applied Chemistry degree, but was talked out of it at the last moment... something I'm grateful for. I started a BA/BSc instead, and the desire to specialise in everything was born...

Science became Chemistry, and led to a job as a chemist. I took time off after three years of study, and worked full time instead, staying with CSIRO for five years before my position vanished during budget cuts. After the first six months of work I returned to uni, heading back to the lab every uni-holiday and cutting back to part-time work during semester. On the way, I rediscovered Geology, and started learning all over again. I finally emerged with an Honours degree in Geology, and the scattered debris of discarded courses in my wake...

Communicator. A broad title for a broad set of interests. I like arranging information so that it can be understood, especially where I can share a love for the things that interest me. I've been a painter, a scientist and a sculptor. I'm slowly transmuting into a writer. I like pulling broken things apart, finding out how they work, and making them better. To this end I write, and take on layout and design projects when I have the time. I like sharing my fascination about science with people who don't know what they're missing out on...

I left a research job in December 2005 and enrolled in a Professional Writing course. Since finishing my Grad Dip, I've been working as a freelance jack-of-all-trades doing layout, writing, editing and publishing.

Martial Artist. Long ago, I liked to run. I was good at it, and I managed to blend the "bookworm" and "sporty" archetypes with a reasonable amount of success. Then I ruined my knees with tendonitis for four years, avoided sport in high school, and went back to being the Quiet Bookworm full time. Who'd have thought I'd find a home with martial arts after starting uni?

I studied Wing Chun, Lung Ying, Choy Lay Fut and Liu He Ba Fa for five years, through Barry Pang's Kung Fu schools. Towards the end of that period, I discovered Wushu and Liu He through Master Liu's classes. I moved into Liu He, Praying Mantis and Tai Chi, and have been learning from Master Liu ever since. In 2003 I went to China with Zi Ran Men, and I've wanted to go back ever since...

Despite training playing such a major part in my life, I've been erratic in attending classes for the last three years. Stress fractures and recurring ankle problems after being hit by a car have put a dampener on my leaping/aerial techniqus from Wushu, and I'm slowly trying to strengthen my joints with Tai Chi. I'm currently working on the Yang 18 Fan form for Tai Chi.

Do things at your own pace and at your own level.
Love challenge but hate competition.
Aim to be better but not the best.
- Sébastien Foucan

Storyteller. I love stories - hearing them, reading them, participating in them. I don't read nearly as many novels as I once did, but I play more roleplaying games than I used to. I like building worlds and backgrounds, and then watching what other people do with them.

I particularly love open-ended, nonlinear stories. I have written a few convention games, and I like seeing the different stories that result from a dozen different teams working their way through a scenario.

"We do not stop playing because we grow old... we grow old because we stop playing!"
- George Bernard Shaw

Artist. I paint and sculpt, mainly working with small-scale fantasy and science-fiction models. I keep erratic sketchbooks that sometimes get stuck together with drawing ink. I like taking photos of things and places, and have pictures on the Pbase website linked above. I love photos of landscapes, and hate taking photos of people. I've never learned how to make human photos work properly... probably as a result of hating being in them myself.

The life of a painter is divided into two parts: those in which he wastes time, and those in which he catches up
- Jeremie Bonamant

If you want to know more, just ask...

Random useful stuff:

The painting project archive: A list of (some) current painting projects, added to each year.

LJ Friends' Birthdays - if I put the link here, I'm less likely to forget about them...

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